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Every gardener needs the one — or two — books that remain out all season, to be referred to again and again. These are the well-thumbed ones our editor uses.

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"Wow! [Taylor's Master Guide to Landscaping] is at once the most thorough yet accessible book on a complex and convoluted subject. Leave it to Rita Buchanan, a singularly direct, clear-headed, experienced, and intelligent writer and gardener, to put together the definitive guide to creating and caring for a home landscape." — Lauren Springer, author of The Undaunted Garden

"If a reference book filled with the names of thousands of plants you’ve never heard of is more information than you really need, Taylor’s Guide to Growing North America’s Favorite Plants, by Barbara W. Ellis, can simplify matters. This reference book answers any burning questions you may have about peonies, hydrangeas, and the other most popular ornamental plants: where to find the plants, how to fertilize, when to cut back flowers, the best time to plant, and other detailed answers and advice." — Woman’s Day

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Taylor's Master Guide to Gardening


Taylor's Guide to Growing North America's Favorite Plants


Taylor's Master Guide to Landscaping


Taylor's Encyclopedia of Garden Plants


More praise for Taylor's Master Guide to Landscaping

"An especially rich and invigorating volume." — New York Times Book Review

"The essential tool for anyone planning to do his own landscape or for those who intend to hire a professional." — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“If I had only one book to turn to for solutions on garden design and construction, this would be [it].” — Jane Berger, The American Gardener

"A landmark work destined to become a classic. The text is authoritative, but both the language and the examples are down to earth." — Library Journal, starred review

"Comprehensive and easy to follow . . . clearly written, abundantly illustrated." — Publishers Weekly

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"There’s an enormous amount of information here. Each plant and variety is described in detail along with its landscape uses, growing requirements, and care throughout the year. Special chapters cover soil preparations, propagation, and pest control. Anything you’re likely to grow in your garden is here." — Newark Star-Ledger

"This is a must for the new or less experienced gardener and a great reference book for the experienced gardener who has questions also. Unlike many gardening how-to books, this one truly will 'guide' the gardener from the time the plant is put into the ground to caring for it through the summer, how to divide it in the fall, what pests or bugs it is vulnerable to, and how to protect it from the winter cold." — Buffalo News

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