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The Kingfisher Knowledge series brings to your fourth- through eighth- grade classroom versatility that few books match. Short chapters, double-page spreads that cover a single aspect of the subject, arresting visuals—computer-enhanced photographs and illustrations—with explanatory captions, a comprehensive glossary, helpful chapter summaries, recommended readings and Web sites, and a thorough index make each book accessible to a variety of learning styles. You'll find the books valuable in many ways:
  • as a basic foundation for classroom units on popular subjects in the social studies and sciences

  • as tools to extend and widen units on other subjects. For example, Mummies will enhance your class's study of ancient Egypt, and your history curriculum will be extended with Castles & Forts.

  • as part of your class's own library collection. The books offer students stimulating nonfiction reading on subjects that intrigue them and provide satisfying reading opportunities for them to enjoy in a limited time. A student can pick up a book when he or she has a small bit of reading time, then put it back on the shelf and return to it later without losing the narrative thread.

  • as research resources. The books offer several levels of information—main ideas, details, and plenty of visual materials. They work well as research tools for children with different levels of ability.
This guide to the Kingfisher Knowledge books provides ideas for classroom activities and discussion that cross the curriculum and address educational standards. You'll find opportunities for your students to pursue independent study and group projects, and ways to stimulate your students' creativity.

Kingfisher Knowledge Books

Dangerous Creatures
Castles & Forts
Genes & DNA

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