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A Discussion Guide

Matilda Bone

General themes: Assumptions, Belonging

Questions for Discussion

• Why do you think the author made Matilda's religious beliefs an important part of her character? Are you familiar with Matilda's religion? How does this affect the way you understand the story and relate to Matilda?

• What assumptions does Matilda make about Red Peg and the people of Blood and Bone Alley? Why do you think she trusts Master Theobald more than Doctor Margery at first? What causes her to rethink her assumptions?

• How does each of the following people help Matilda to discover that Blood and Bone Alley is a place where she belongs: Red Peg, Doctor Margery, Tom, Walter, Nathaniel, Effie, Tildy?

• How do Red Peg and Father Leufredus express their care and concern for Matilda differently? Who do you think cares more for Matilda? Who is the better role model?

• How does Matilda eventually combine what she learned from Father Leufredus and Red Peg to help people?

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