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Electronic guide to backyard birding and resources on the net — Baltimore Bird Club
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Web interface of the well-respected newsletter on birding optics by Steve Ingraham
• Sample articles
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Enterprise page for Santa Barbara Software Products
• Free BirdArea Check List!
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author Dick Walton's natural history home page with product infomation including Birding by Ear
• Concord Natural History
• Monarch Monitoring Project
• Natural History Video and Birding by Ear product information

Enterprise site enhanced with features and info on birding, optics, etc.
• Interview with Kenn Kaufman
• Field Guide Reviews
• Birding Information
• Information about Birdbrain and Birdbrain Jr., databases for Macs

Brief sampler about the book How Birds Fly by David Goodnow
• Some Photos

Summary of the 40th Supplement to the AOU Check List of North American Birds listing recent changes in bird names

by R. W. Scott, posted by his son, Gregory Scott

Online Maps, Routes, Yellow Pages
• Free interactive route planning

information page
• Partners in Flight Newsletter
• 1997 Birding Festival Guide

On-line article, "On Writing Details and Sketching for Field Notes"

Comprehensive pages for birding opitics information
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Hub of information about photography in general
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• Stolen Equipment Registry
• Nature Photography Forum, other discussion areas
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Franchise Support Center representing 230 bird feeding stores throughout North America
• Bird feeding information
• Feeder Cam (updated every 3 minutes)
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