Focus on a Group or Species
Web sites that highlight a group or category of birds (such as shorebirds) or a particular species (such as the Greater Roadrunner)

Web site containing everything about Chickadees
• Species accounts and maps
• Audio Clips
• Articles by species
• Chickadee Links
• Chickadee Stuff Just for Kids

Taxanomic considerations about crossbills

Sites on Hummingbirds sponsored by a company named Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
• Species descriptions and photos
• information about the Hummingbird Society
• Cover Bird of the Month
• Hummingbird Trivia

Web page with photos and links

Web site of the University of California Museum of Paleontology
• Other ornithological collection catalogs

Web site of the International Medical Center for Injured Birds of Prey, providing treatment as well as scientific study and protection
• What to do if you find an injured bird of prey
• Announcements, events, and bird releases
• Midwest U.S. & Canada Peregrine Falcon Nest Updates
• Educational presentations and projects — Highway to the Tropics
• Membership Information

Web page of general shorebird information and links by Dick and Jean Hoffman