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The American Heritage® College Dictionary, Fourth Edition
American Heritage dictionaries are renowned for their clear and accessible definitions, their expert usage guidance, and their colorful, informative illustrations. More than just a reliable source of information about words, our books offer a portrait of a vibrant, changing language and the culture that shapes it.

The American Heritage® College Dictionary, Fourth Edition

We have reference works for every type of reader—from children and students to learners of English to adults seeking the authority of a full-service dictionary. We search not only for new words and meanings but also for innovative ways of engaging people in the study and appreciation of language. To this end, we have devised challenging learning tools such as our "100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know," along with basic science quizzes and vocabulary lists. These tools are now available on-line as a service to students, teachers, and librarians—and to anyone with a love for language.

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know
100 Words Toward Science Literacy
Science Quiz
Student Science Quiz
Summer Vocabulary List

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