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Kingfisher Preschool Catalog 2005
Dear Educators, Parents, and Friends:

When it comes to preschoolers, you're the experts. You know that the sooner a child's education begins, the better. You've seen the research; but more important, you work with preschoolers every day. You don't need us to tell you how much children learn during this early period — how the development of curiosity, imagination, and the love of language and learning all begin in these important years.

As you sit with your preschoolers, you hear their questions. You see them explore the world and expand their ideas. You read aloud to them and share their pleasure at each new discovery. You help the children and their families as they grow and learn. Every day brings a new word, concept, or accomplishment. It is a very exciting time!

Kingfisher wants to be a part of this process — to help you ensure that all the children in your care reach their full potential. To this end, we've selected the very best of our books for preschoolers, covering everything from concepts to social interactions, stories, and science, and gathered them together in this handy catalog. And we've included an easy form for you to use to order books from us or through your usual supplier or bookstore. We hope that these books will provide all the material you will need to support your preschoolers as they grow onward and upward!

All of us at Kingfisher wish you great success with your children.

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