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The Great Crash 1929

By John Kenneth Galbraith
"The late John Kenneth Galbraith attributed the longevity of his book The Great Crash 1929— published in 1955 and never since out of print— to the tendency of history to threaten a repeat. 'Each time it has been about to pass from bookstores,' he wrote in a later foreword, another speculative episode—another bubble or the ensuing misfortune —has stirred interest in the history of this, the great modern case of boom and collapse, which led on to an unforgiving depression.' So here we are again." —Independent, 10/9/2008

The Big Con

Crackpot Economics and the Fleecing of America

By Jonathan Chait
American politics has been hijacked. Over the past three decades, a fringe group of economic hucksters has corrupted and perverted our nation's policies. With dark, engaging wit, Jonathan Chait reveals how these canny zealots first took over the Republican Party and then gamed the political system and the media so that once unthinkable policies—without a shred of academic, expert, or even popular support—now drive the political agenda, regardless of which party is in power.

Are We Rome?

The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of America

By Cullen Murphy
The rise and fall of ancient Rome has been on American minds from the beginning of our republic. Today we focus less on the Roman Republic than on the empire that took its place. Depending on who's doing the talking, the history of Rome serves as either a triumphal call to action or a dire warming of imminent collapse.

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The End of Food by Paul Roberts

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