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Pulitzer Prize–winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee, a leading cancer physician and researcher, selects the year’s top science and nature writing from journalists who dive into their fields with curiosity and passion, delivering must-read articles from a wide array of fields.

Foreword by Tim Folger
Introduction by Siddhartha Mukherjee

J.B. MACKINNON. False Idyll
From Orion

BENJAMIN HALE. The Last Distinction?
From Harper's

From Outside

DAVID DEUTSCH and ARTUR EKERT. Beyond the Quantum Horizon
From Scientific American

MICHAEL MOYER. Is Space Digital?
From Scientific American

SYLVIA A. EARLE. The Sweet Spot in Time
From Virginia Quarterly Review

JOHN PAVLUS. Machines of the Infinite
From Scientific American

MICHELLE NIJHUIS. Which Species Will Live?
From Scientific American

RICK BASS. The Larch
From Orion

BRETT FORREST. Shattered Genius
From Playboy

From The New Yorker

DAVID OWEN. The Artificial Leaf
From The New Yorker

MICHAEL SPECTER. The Deadliest Virus
From The New Yorker

ALAN LIGHTMAN. Our Place in the Universe
From Harper's Magazine

DAVID QUAMMEN. Out of the Wild
From Popular Science

OLIVER SACKS. Altered States
From The New Yorker

ELIZABETH KOLBERT. Recall of the Wild
From The New Yorker

KEITH GESSEN. Polar Express
From The New Yorker

STEVEN WEINBERG. The Crisis of Big Science
From The New York Review of Books

GARETH COOK. Autism Inc.
From The New York Times

NATALIE ANGIER. The Life of Pi and Other Infinities
From The New York Times

From Scientific American

KATHERINE HARMON. The Patient Scientist
From Scientific American

NATHANIEL RICH. Forever and Ever
From The New York Times Magazine

STEPHEN MARCHE. Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?
From The Atlantic

MARK BOWDEN. The Measured Man
From The Atlantic

KEVIN DUTTON. The Wisdom of Psychopaths
From Scientific American

Other distinguished submissions on this topic, selected by the series editor Tim Folger.

Adams, Jill U. Chasing Dragons Audubon. July/August
Anderson, Isaac The Lord God Bird Image. Issue 72
Bhattacharjee, Yudhijit A Week In Stockholm Science. April 6
Blount Jr., Roy Go, Higgs! Block That Boson! Sports Illustrated. July 30
Boggs, Belle The Art Of Waiting Orion. March/April
Dunn, Rob The Glory Of Leaves National Geographic. October
Fennelly, Beth Ann Observations From The Jewel Rooms Ecotone. Fall
Ferris, Timothy Sun Struck National Geographic. June
Finnegan, William Slow And Steady The New Yorker. January 23
Fox, Douglas The Clouds Are Alive Discover. April
Fox, Douglas Witness To An Antarctic Meltdown Scientific American. July
Freinkel, Susan In Each Shell A Story On Earth. Summer
Gillis, Justin A Climate Scientist Battles Time And Mortality The New York Times. July 2
Goldstein, Evan R. The Strange Neuroscience Of Immortality The Chronicle Of Higher Education. July
Grant, Andrew William Borucki: Planet Hunter Discover. December
Groopman, Jerome Sex And The Superbug The New Yorker. October 1
Jacobsen, Rowan Boilover Outside. October
Jacobsen, Rowan The Gumbo Chronicles Outside. April
Jenkins, Mark Last Of The Cave People National Geographic. February
Kluger, Jeffrey Fabiola Gianotti, The Discoverer Time. December 19
Lavelle, Marianne Good Gas, Bad Gas National Geographic. December
Mann, Charles C. State Of The Species Orion. November/December
Mcauliffe, Kathleen How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy The Atlantic. March
Mckibben, Bill A Matter Of Degrees Orion. July/August
Mckibben, Bill Scary Monsters Orion. March/April
Mckibben, Bill Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math Rolling Stone. July 19
Merali, Zeeya Gravity Off The Grid Discover. March
Mone, Gregory Frozen. Irradiated. Desolate. Alive? Discover. November
Moore, Kathleen Dean Concrete Footing Orion. July/August
Musser, George A New Enlightenment Scientific American. November
Plummer, Bradford The Big Crackup Audubon. September/October
Roach, Mary Say Hello To My Little Friend Outside. January
Rosenbaum, Ron Richard Clarke On Who Was Behind The Stuxnet Attack Smithsonian. April
Samuels, David Wild Things Harper’s Magazine. June
Scharf, Caleb The Benevolence Of Black Holes Scientific American. August
Specter, Michael The Climate Fixers The New Yorker. May 14
Steingraber, Sandra The Fracking Of Rachel Carson Orion. September/October
Teresi, Dick The Beating Heart Donors Discover. May
Trimble, Michael I Cry, Therefore I Am The New York Times. November 10
Turrentine, Jeff True Believer On Earth. Fall
Vlahos, James The Case Of The Sleeping Slayer Scientific American. September
Williams, Terry Tempest What Love Looks Like Orion. January/February
Wilson, E. O. Is War Inevitable? Discover. June
Zimmer, Carl A Show Of Hands National Geographic. May