Gareth Cook Foreword
David Byrne Introduction

I. You

Matt Stiles
Which Birth Dates Are Most Common?

L. V. Anderson, David Haglund, Natalie Matthews-Ramo, and Jim Pagels
Can I Make Stuff Up?

Pei-Ying Lin
Untranslatable Emotions in Languages Other Than English vs. Parrott’s Emotion Classification

Alberto Cuadra and Bonnie Berkowitz
Short Guys Can Dunk
the Washington Post

Corey Smith
Social Media Explained with Bacon

John Tomanio
Family Ties
National Geographic

Shannon Lattin
The Common Cook’s How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversions

Evan Roth
Multi-Touch Paintings
Exhibition at N2 Galeria

Wendy Macnaughton
Should I Check E-mail?

Nicholas Felton
The 2010/2011 Feltron Biennial Report

Sergio Peçanha
Pampered Like Royalty, or Canned Like Sardines?
the New York Times

Mark Bittman, Bill Marsh, Matthew Dorfman, Erich Nagler, Sharon Werner, and Sarah Forss
The Proposed Nutrition Label: A Quick Read, Out Front
the New York Times

Gustavo Vieira Dias
Is Life Good?
online[add URL]

II. Us

Eric Fischer
Paths Through New York City

Patrick Brown and Seth Goldstein
Fifty States of Grey
Goodreads Blog

Feilding Cage And Gabriel Dance
Gay Rights in the U.S., State by State
the Guardian online

Gavin Potenza
The Popification of Top 40

Adam Cole
The Amazing Morphing Campaign Money Map
It’s All Politics blog on

Amanda Cox And Seth W. Feaster
What Happens after the I.P.O.?
the New York Times

Wesley Grubbs, Mladen Balog, Kemper Smith, Nick Yahnke, Katie Peek, And Ryan Bradley
Fever Flow
Popular Science

Stevie Remsberg, Rebecca Berg, Amanda Dobbins, Eric Sundermann, And Thomas Alberty
Mapping Best Picture
New York

Brian Mcgill
The Gender Divide
“The Next Economy,” in the National Journal

Ritchie S. King, Kevin Quealy, Graham Roberts, And Alicia Desantis
The NFL Players Mentioned Most on SportsCenter
the New York Times online

Heather Jones And Andréa Ford
Influence: A Brief History

Archie Tse
A Survey of Destruction by Hurricane Sandy in New York City
the New York Times

Heather Jones, Nick Carbone, Dan Macsai, And Nate Rawlings
The Gaffe-O-Meter

Carl Detorres, Munehito Sawada, John Korpics, Jason Lancaster, Bruce Kelley, Ty Wenger, Ross Marrinson, Anthony Olivieri, And Jim Keller
Springfield Is a Maddening Mess. Cold, Hard Metrics Clean It Up.
ESPN The Magazine

Todd Lindeman
The Last 45 Seconds
the Washington Post

Arianna Belotti, Sofia Girelli, Daniele Lupatini, Gianluca Malimpensa, Mattia Parietti, And Aurelie Pellat
Mad Drinkers and

Amanda Cox, Alicia Desantis, And Ford Fessenden
Obama Was Not as Strong as in 2008, but Strong Enough
the New York Times

Agnieszka Gasparska And Nicole Allan
A National Report Card
The Atlantic

John D. Larue
The Death Toll in Breaking Bad
TDYLF blog

Agnieszka Gasparska And Stephen J. Rose
How We Spend
The Atlantic

Alicia Desantis, Ford Fessenden, And Rob Gebeloff
The 1% Next Door
the New York Times

Ben Gibson And Patrick Mulligan
Constitutions of Classic Cocktails

Tom Scocca
What Were the Gayest (and Straightest) Super Bowl Halftime Shows?

Graham Roberts And Kevin Quealy
Usain Bolt Against the Olympic Medalist Field Since 1896
the New York Times

Max Fisher
Gun Ownership Rates by Country
the WorldViews blog at

III. The Material World

John Nelson
Tornado Tracks

Arthur Buxton
Ten Artists, Ten Years

Randall Munroe
Lakes and Oceans

Neil Freeman
The United States Redrawn as Fifty States with Equal Population

Eric Hand, Jasiek Krzysztofiak, Wesley Fernandes, And Kelly Krause
7 Minutes of Terror

Russell Van Kraayenburg
Seasonal Produce Calendars

Jason Treat And Bryan Christie
The Anatomy of Speed
National Geographic

Katie Peek
The Warmup
Popular Science

Kaitlin Yarnall, Matt Twombly, And Nick Kaloterakis
Death of the Titanic
National Geographic

Damien Scogin
Lifting a Coffee Cup, with Thoughts
The Atavist

Ben Gibson, John Yun, John Korpics, Jason Lancaster, Amy Brachmann, Bruce Kelley, John B. Morris, Joel Weber, Jim Keller, and the ESPN Stats & Info Group
Going, Going, Gone?
ESPN The Magazine

Bill Marsh
Are We in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction?
the New York Times

Tom Reinken, Raoul RañOa, And Les Dunseith
A Complex Endeavour
the Los Angeles Times

Pure Rendering Gmbh, Juan Velasco, And Ann Williams
An Army for the Afterlife
National Geographic

Nicolas Rapp
The Disappearing Desktop

Nicholas Felton
Between Five Bells
Australian wine labels

Jonathan Corum
Invisible Residents
the New York Times

Alberto Cuadra And Bonnie Berkowitz
The Illusion of Joey
the Washington Post

Raul Aguila, Thomas Alberty, Mark Nerys, And Clint Rainey
BrĊcelets Through the Ages
New York

Jennifer Daniel And Emily Keegin
Under the Border
Bloomberg Businessweek

Jonathan Corum
Mapping Ocean Noise
the New York Times

Jan Willem Tulp
Planets Everywhere
Scientific American

Andrew Garcia Phillips
Political Moneyball
the Wall Street Journal

Brian O'leary, Josh Keller, Jevin West, And Jennifer Jacquet
Women as Academic Authors, 1665–2010

Tom Jennings, Sabrina Shankman, Andrew Golis, James Milward, Pietro Gagliano, and Ashlee Lougheed
A Perfect Terrorist: David Coleman Headley’s Web of Betrayal

Ben Welsh, Robert J. Lopez, And Kate Linthicum
How Fast Is LAFD Where You Live?

Brandon Martin-Anderson
Census Dotmap

Jeremy Mendes, Leanne Allison, And The Digital Studio Of The National Film Board Of Canada
Bear 71

Adam Nieman And Chris Rabét
New York’s Carbon Emissions—in Real Time
YouTube and

Mike Bostock, Shan Carter, And Amanda Cox
Over the Decades, How States Have Shifted
the New York Times online

Mike Bostock And Shan Carter
512 Paths to the White House
the New York Times online

Fernanda Viégas And Martin Wattenberg
Wind Map

The Best American Infographics Brain Trust