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Topic: Silmarillion
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Nov 11, 2005 10:18 AM by: moderator

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Replies: 1

Posts: 1
Registered: 11/7/05
Posted: Nov 7, 2005 4:54 AM
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Is there any chance of an Alan Lee illustrated 'Silmarillion'? It would be wonderful to complete the set with your LOTR and the Hobbit and I would love to see what you would make of Gondolin - or Nargothrond and Menegroth - what do caves look like when elves live in them? - or the awakening at Cuivienen or the two trees in Valinor. I really hope the answer's 'yes' - one day!


Posts: 12
Registered: 2/18/05
Re: Silmarillion
Posted: Nov 11, 2005 10:18 AM
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There are no plans for me to do a Silmarillion; I think that Ted Nasmith has that area fairly well covered! And I admire his edition too much to want to go into competition with it. If there are some other unexplored areas of Middle-earth that I can venture into, Iíd be happy to do so, but at the moment Iím going to concentrate on my next book Ė an illustrated retelling of Ovidís Metamorphoses, which are tales of transformation from classical mythology. But Gondolin, Nargothrond, Menegroth - such evocative and tempting names. Perhaps, one day.

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