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Topic: losing hope/ where is the fight against addiction!!
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Registered: 6/7/11
losing hope/ where is the fight against addiction!!
Posted: Jun 7, 2011 12:27 PM
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I am new to writing on this site. I read the book "beautiful boy" several years ago and I had foolish hopes that by now things would be better. My daughter started with a DUI at 16. After high school graduation, she spiraled down into party, drugs, alcohol constantly. Had to bail her out of her lease as she was too young to rent without a co signer. Our family did an intervention in jan of 09. She did go to rehab but left when she got caught up with an abusive controlling man. Had a son last april. The "serial sperm donor" got another woman pregnant a month after my daughter.When my grandson was 3 months old,he set her up and charged her with domestic violence. While she was in jail, he got custody. She went to rehab again, then completed the 6 month half way house program. In the meantime , she won temp custody. Of course--- I paid for the attorney. Well , surprise, surprise, I just heard that she is getting back with the sperm donor, and did not do her aftercare from treatment. She has been lying to me and I actually just AGAIN cosigned to help her get an apartment. I am so heartsick and depressed, I can barely function. I do go to alanon and that helps a lot but I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I feel like she died and that I just lost my grandson as well. I try not to love either of them which probably sounds crazy! Right now, I have just had no contact although I have really wanted to say plenty- I am so angry and hurt and dissappointed. I do know this is the same story everywhere but I had to vent. WHEN oh when will something be done with the disease of addiction???? It has to be one of the most costly diseases ever!!!!

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