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Topic: Another Update on my Beautiful Boy
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Oct 5, 2010 7:31 PM by: waterdance

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Replies: 1

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Another Update on my Beautiful Boy
Posted: Oct 3, 2010 8:16 PM
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Our son was home for a few days - i called a "test drive' He did everything he was suppose to. Went to meetings, cleaned up after himself and only contacted friends which are not using (I hope)He is now back in extended care until Oct 13 and then he comes home. I am not sure that is the answer but he has no money and needs to find a job and a sober room mate. Which we know is not that easy. I find it very stressful having him at home. Well i better get use to it. He does look very healthy has gained 20 pounds and works out. He is clean now for 4 months. For his drug of choice medically he needs to be clean 120 days for his brain to begin to function normally again. I think I will stop rambling on and i promise everyone on this message board i will not become overly optimistic.

Wishing everyone a calm and peaceful evening


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Re: Another Update on my Beautiful Boy
Posted: Oct 5, 2010 7:31 PM
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Hi Winnie, I've been thinking about you and yours. What else can you do but hope for some sanity to come back into your life. I've said it before....Most do come out of it. I know many that did. Make it clear that the money train has left the station. Let us know how you are more often. Love, Deb

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