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Topic: hope this is cool
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Registered: 3/24/11
hope this is cool
Posted: Mar 25, 2011 9:07 AM
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My Father is a gambling addict. I believe that he has lost his job, has no interest in finding a new one. He has tried to steal from me, 'borrowed' money from my sister and not paid it back. He's abusive to my step-mother and belittling and obnoxious to me. He's a verbally abusive bully when confronted with his problems--or lies about them.

I see people write lovingly about their addicted children, but my Father wasn't the nicest guy before he became completely addicted. He thinks he's a great guy, but good parents don't make you feel like you're only worth your accomplishments or lie to you, or guilt trip you.
People who have been closer to him--my sister and his wife have tried to get him to get help, but he doesn't want it. He doesn't acknowledge he has a problem. And he lies like a rug.

I don't want him in my life. Normally I have peace with this, but my wedding is coming up--and it makes complications. I feel that it's honest to inform him directly, but potentially more trouble than it's worth. And I haven't thought of an idea to keep him from finding out--my grandfather is sure to mention it. I dread the idea that he just show up at my wedding.

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