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Topic: High Desert Report December 30, 2010
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Jan 8, 2011 1:54 AM by: Unit85

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Replies: 1

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High Desert Report December 30, 2010
Posted: Dec 30, 2010 12:42 PM
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Hello All, This forum is running a bit slow...need more writing. Miss all of you.

Lots of snow here...fell last night. My two dogs had a time of it racing around.

Heard from my yougest daughter on Christmas. She doesn't like me to talk about the older addicted daughter. Nevermind that I listened to her grief over troubles with 3 husbands and several boyfriends over many years. I never once said "I've heard that before" or "I'm tired of talking about him". Think I'll write and point this out.

We had a death on my husband's side of family. His sister's long time boyfriend died suddenly from alcohol poisoning. Age 42!! Another boyfriend died of same thing 4 years a go of the very same thing. Age 38!! I sent Deepest Sympathy card. What else is there to say. I felt like saying "I see you killed another one". Now this alcohol-soaked sister wants to gain power of attourney of her mother's finances??

I hope all of you are staying warm. Life is great even if we have screwed-up kids. Life is short but wide. Love, Deb


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Re: High Desert Report December 30, 2010
Posted: Jan 8, 2011 1:54 AM
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Low Desert update, it is cold here too.

Christmas present this year is that my daughter, an addict still in denial and pregnant, disowned her parents.
I feel warm she is not actively taking drugs.
She was born a crack baby. I hope she can break the trend.

Good news is I am still setting a good example in NA. It likely saves me same fate as your sister-in-laws' husbands.

Oh yeah, daughter is mad at us for helping one of her friends 'break the mold'. This fellows' Mom is still active meth. We offer a room here and internet access to start college. He is already enrolled for first class.
Homeless kiddo wants to do good, and is now a college student.
We offer him substitute parents the like he has never seen.

Daughter is doing good, still in first year of clean time. Emotions run high.
Rest of family disowned me for supporting daughter, now she disowns me too.

Daughter tells me that wife does not like me going to NA meetings, I have to sneak out to get a meeting. Oh yeah, that was when daughter still talked to me.

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