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Topic: raining tears
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Aug 28, 2010 1:01 PM by: Fatima

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Replies: 1
raining tears

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Registered: 8/22/10
raining tears
Posted: Aug 28, 2010 7:24 AM
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my son I know is still useing I go though his room daily going though his pockets of his pants he has in his closet. And each day i find a needle. He always says its a old one or he found it out in the garage well why did'nt he just throw it away then I'm not DUM. He has a good job. He was to go to meetins and he is on probation in novi michigan. We live about 150 miles from there so i have to take him to that his car is'nt the greatest, so i take him they have him take 2 drug tests a week and go to a meeting each day but one day his dad want to pay for a test and he watch him do it because one of his friends said that he was paying some one to p for him and then he would take it in a bottle and give it to them. well when his father took him and watch him p it came up dirty........ the dot program had to till his probation officer . so on the 31 of this month the judge wants to see him. Will you know its because of us he has to go see the judge not him. I hope the judge puts him in jail. I need a BRAKE. I'm tired. So So tired. all the parents are tired. I have been to meeting but at a church. I did'nt like it don't get me wrong I pray and I love god. but this is not the place for me they are always praying. I just need a diffrent meeting. can't find one in were I live help........ janice from michigan


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Re: raining tears
Posted: Aug 28, 2010 1:01 PM
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Hi Janice, Have you tried attending a local AlAnon or NarAnon meeting? I've been attending regularly one meeting a week (check out the parent meetings). I haven't focused on the 12 steps but I do my best to apply their principles of "being powerless over our children's addiction". The hardest thing is to surrender our kids to God. We want to fix them and we can't. Your son will now face the judge and the courts will have him do some jail time. Many parents have shared with me that jail was the best thing that could have happened to their child. You are so right about wanting some peace and if jail is the only way then it's a blessing. My daughter didn't show up to her arraignment so now she's got a warrant. I find myself praying that she will be caught. I never wanted her to have a criminal record, but it's better than being in the streets using. Many people have turned their lives around after being incarcerated. Our children are still young. Let's not lose hope.

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