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Topic: Got back from Cabo San Lucas
Replies: 1   Pages: 1   Last Post: Aug 28, 2010 5:11 PM by: raining tears

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Replies: 1

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Registered: 12/30/09
Got back from Cabo San Lucas
Posted: Aug 2, 2010 4:07 PM
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Hello my friends, It's so nice to log in and catch up on your posts. I was invited to visit Cabo San Lucas for a 10 day vacation! A real blessing! The weather wasn't too hot and the food delicious! It gave me a much needed break, of course, it was only a geographical move, I took my worries and sleepless nights with me. During the day, it was great but the nights were tough.
So to give you ladies an update. My wayward daughter called to say she's now on her own living in a motel, since the lady (madam) she was with is now in jail facing felony charges. We are so concerned over her safety, I like always offered to go get her, but she refused. I don't what to think anymore, is she totally insane, brave, ??? living all by herself in LA.
My soon to be 31 year old son is completing a 60 day Christian Rehab Program. We haven't visited him this time.. giving him time to reflect on his life. We have agreed to pay for the second phase which is a minimum of 6 months. We've heard from a family member who visited him last weekend that our son wants to come back to the sober living home near us.. we don't want that..not just yet.. afterall he violated their rules many times and kept on relapsing. At times I feel bad about not wanting him back in our area, but then again I believe he needs to earn back our trust. We've been disappointed so many times. So there's pretty much all the news for now.
Deb I'm also cleaning up my home, starting with my closet, drawers, etc. it keeps me busy.

raining tears

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Re: Got back from Cabo San Lucas
Posted: Aug 28, 2010 5:11 PM
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Hi you wrote to me today about my son I'm raining tears or janice yes I have been to a meeting but at a church and all they want to do is pray well don't get me wrong I pray all the time I talk to god all the time. But I need a meeting that I can just let go and there u can't it always lets pray they take more time praying then talking about what people really needs to talk about. When i want to pray i go to church or I do it at home I need to talk............................. I'm going nuts I just told my son to walk his ass down the driveway and don't come back do you know how many tears i have cryed HA HA.does he care hell no and (if i had it so bad when i was a kid) he could have gone to any college his dad would have seen to that........... NO HE WENT TO THE COLLEGE OF A HERION ADDICT............ GOD HE PISSES ME OFF. WILL MY HEART IS BROKEN WE HAVE ONE KID AND HE IS A DRUG ACC. I KNOW THIS IS BAD BUT I WISH HE WOULD JUST GET IT OVER WITH... HIS GIRL FRIEND JUST DIE OF A OD THEY FOUND HER IN THE BACK SEAT OF HER CAR THE PEOPLE SHE WAS WITH TOOK HER I D AND MONEY AND HER LICENCE PLATE OFF HER CAR AND LEFT HER IN A PARKING LOT OF A STORE ON 7 MILE IN DETRIOT MI. WE LIVE 150 MILES FROM THERE IN A SMALL TOWN I'M TIRED SO SO TIRED. WE HAVE HAD HIM IN 2 REHABS WE KICKED HIM OUT SO HE WAS LIVING ON THE STREET OF DETRIOT FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS. WE HAVE HAD HIM HOME FOR ABOUT A YEAR. HE IS ON SUBOXONE. WE KEEP HIS PILLS AND GIVE THEM TO HIM AND WE WATCH HIM TAKE THEM WILL YOU PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH .. BECAUSE I KNOW HE CAN SALE THEM. BUT I KNOW HE IS STILL USING.... O WELL IT'S UP TO HIM NOT ME I HAVE DONE IT ALL SO I'M GOING TOO PUT HIM OUT IN THE STREETS AGAIN THAT'S WHAT HE WANT. SO BE IT THINKS AGAIN RAINING TEARS JANICE FROM MICHIGAN. DON'T GET ME WRONG I WOULD DIE FOR HIM AND I LOVE HIM MORE THEN ANY ONE BUT I CAN'T DO IT ANY MORE..............

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