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Find your way through every part of J.R.R. Tolkien's great creation, from the Middle-earth of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to the lands of the West . . .

Houghton Mifflin publishes guides to the geography of Tolkien's worlds in several formats: from full-color gift editions to maps within the novels themselves.

The Atlas of Middle-earth: Revised Edition
The Atlas of Middle-earth: Revised Edition
This atlas illuminates the world created in The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. Hundreds of two-color maps and diagrams survey the journeys of the principal characters day by day, including all the battles, key locations, and more.
The Maps of Tolkien's Middle-earth
The Maps of Tolkien's Middle-earth
Best-selling Tolkien expert Brian Sibley presents a slipcased collection of four full-color, large-format maps of Tolkien's imaginary realm illustrated by John Howe, a conceptual designer for the blockbuster films directed by Peter Jackson. This set includes one slipcase with full-color wraparound illustration and circular cut-out of Bag End door; four maps (fold out to 28¼ x 28¾): Beleriand, Númenor, The Hobbit, and Middle-earth; and one original 80-page hardcover book, shrinkwrapped.

The Lord of the Rings
Three-volume boxed set including large format fold-out maps

The Lord of the Rings: 50th Anniversary Edition
A spectacular celebratory edition including two large-format, two-color foldout maps and much more.

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