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Tolkien's Middle-earth:

Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators

Unit Two: Runes, Riddles, and a Ring of Power

Preliminary Quiz

1. Name two of the three physical attributes that, in Gandalf's opinion, should make Bilbo an ideal member of the quest team.

(Answer: Bilbo can fit through a hole too small for a dwarf; hobbits are quieter than anyone else; the dragon has never smelled a hobbit.)

2. What is the Last Homely House?

(Answer: the home of Elrond and the Elves in Rivendell.)

3. Name two kinds of unnatural creatures that menace Bilbo and the dwarves.

(Answer: trolls, goblins, spiders, wargs, dragons.)

4. What happened to William, Tom, and Bert when the sun came up?

(Answer: They turned to stone.)

5. What is particularly unusual about Beorn?

(Answer: He can change into a bear.)

6. Who was Durin?

(Answer: In Thorin's words, "He was the father of the fathers of the eldest race of Dwarves, the Longbeards, and my first ancestor: I am his heir.")

7. What was the "false riddle" that Bilbo used to stump Gollum?

(Answer: "What have I got in my pocket?")

Unit Two Content

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Preliminary Quiz
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