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Tolkien's Middle-earth:

Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators

Unit Six: Treebeard's Lament

Preliminary Quiz

1. Who says, "Farewell, Aragorn! Go to Minas Tirith and save my people! I have failed."

(Answer: Boromir, page 404)

2. What character has a language in which "real names tell you the story of things they belong to"?

(Answer: Treebeard, page 454)

3. Who was named heir to the "King of the Golden Hall"?

(Answer: Éomer, page 511)

4. Who came with Erkenbrand of Westfold to aid the defenders of Helm's Deep?

(Answer: Gandalf, page 529)

5. To whom did Théoden say, "I fear your voice has lost its charm"?

(Answer: Saruman, page 566)

Unit Six Content

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Preliminary Quiz
Key Terms
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