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"A winning formula . . . a great series of books!" —John Acorn, naturalist, author, and TV personality

Kenn Kaufman

"No one person can begin to fill the shoes of Roger Tory Peterson, but perhaps Kenn Kaufman comes closest. After all, he, too, is an expert field birder, artist, conservationist, and author." — Bill Thompson III, editor, Bird Watcher's Digest

In 2000, Kenn Kaufman’s first field guide, Birds of North America, was published to acclaim for its innovative technique to identifying birds. Birds of North America became the first field guide to introduce a new method of illustration: using digitally enhanced photographs instead of paintings to show birds’ field marks. The digital enhancement deletes shadows and reflections, provides exact colors and sizes, and guarantees that all essential field marks are visible. An easy-to-locate color index system, quick one-page index, thumbnail range maps, and descriptions written from Kaufman’s extensive knowledge of birds and their habitats combine to make the guide easy to use.

Kenn Kaufman is considered a legend among birders. He is field editor for Audubon magazine and a regular contributor to numerous birding magazines. A devoted conservationist, he works vigorously to promote the appreciation and protection of nature. Other books in his field guide series include the Kaufman Focus Guide to Butterflies, the Kaufman Focus Guide to Mammals, and the Kaufman Field Guide to Insects, coming in winter 2006. He also wrote the Peterson Field Guide to Advanced Birding, Kingbird Highway, and Lives of North American Birds.

Attention, teachers and organization leaders: teach your students about nature and the environment with a leading naturalist, Kenn Kaufman, author of the Kaufman Field Guide series.

Coming soon: a Kenn Kaufman video! This video is designed as a teaching tool to advance the cause of environmental conservation and the importance of nature in everyday life. Use it with the Kaufman Teachers Guide, which offers discussion topics, activities, and references to create an enjoyable lesson on the natural wonders that fill the outdoors, from the earth to the sky.
Kaufman Field Guide to North American Birds
In the Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America, respected birder and conservationist Kenn Kaufman provides beginning and intermediate birders tips on recognizing North American birds. His new introduction includes additional information on helping readers get started in bird watching and on the importance of nature conservation. Other updates include new bird names established by the American Ornithologists' Union and updated range maps.

Now available in a Spanish-language edition

Praise for Birds of North America
"Kenn Kaufman's guide is a superb book that I highly recommend to anyone who's interested in birds . . . a truly excellent work that has set new standards in field guides that will be difficult to surpass." — Kevin McGowan, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

"If you are going to buy only one guide to the birds of our continent, then this is the book . . . Kaufman's book gets the gold medal." — Mark Wilson, Boston Globe

"Those who want a single, near Platonic representation of a particular species should turn to Kaufman first." — Paul Gray, Time

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