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Remembering James Marshall

George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends

By James Marshall; Foreword by Maurice Sendak

In 2007, James Marshall was pothsumously awarded the Laura Ingalls Wilder medal for his lasting contribution to literature for children. The beloved author and illustrator of the books about Miss Nelson, George and Martha, The Stupids, and many mores, is remembered in interviews with Maurice Sendak, Walter Lorraine, Regina Hayes, and Sheldon Fogleman. Also included are excerpts from an author interview with James Marshall recorded in 1987.
Watch the video

2006 Coretta Scott King Honor Book

A Wreath for Emmett Till

By Marilyn Nelson, illustrated by Philippe Lardy

A Wreath for Emmett Till is a sophisticated and thought-provoking poem written by Connecticut's poet laureate and award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson. This book combines emotion, history, and social commentary to bring the life and death of Emmett Louis Till back to our nation's consciousness.

Hear Marilyn Robinson read and talk about her book.

As heard on NPR

Flamingos on the Roof

By Calef Brown


to Daniel Pinkwater and Scott Simon discuss this quirky collection of silly stanzas. "Brown's imaginative wordplay is matched by his acrylic paintings depicting people and places in unusual hues...Silly it may be, but all the best kind, prompting the reader to see the world (slightly) askew and to delight in it."
Horn Book

Hear author and illustrator Calef Brown read from his poetry collections and also some original poems not yet published!
Everyoneís favorite Grace is back. And this time she has a dog. Unfortunately, heís only made of cardboard and rides a skate board. Grace is determined though to prove to her parents that she is responsible and dependable enough to get a real dog. Things you learn in this book:
  1. Sometimes it is okay to be sneaky if you donít get caught.
  2. How to do flashlight Morse code.
  3. What happened at school that was exciting: nothing.
  4. How it feels to walk into your class after going to the principalís office!
  5. Many other things, but most important, how to convince your parents to MAYBE let you get a dog. A real one, not one made of cardboard.

    On the podcast: Join author Charise Mericle Harper as she chats with her character Just Grace, about everything from dogs to best friends.
Hear Tina Matthews talk about Out of the Egg
You think you know the tale of the Little Red Hen. You think you know how it ends. But in this story everything changes when the hard-working Red Hen lays a perfect white egg. And out of this egg comes a chick with a mind of her own . . .
Listen to Daniel Pinkwater discuss collaborating with illustrator D.B. Johnson on Bear's Picture
Daniel Pinkwater turns art (and art critics) upside-down in this classic tale, now beautifully re-illustrated by D. B. Johnson.
Hear David Wiesner talk about his ideas and creative process in Flotsam
Flotsam is a wordless story of a young boy's discovery of a magical underwater camera. The book's gorgeous, imaginative illustrations of hidden worlds won Wiesner his third Caldecott Medal.

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