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Yankees Century: 100 Years of New York Yankees Baseball

"A well-written and thorough look at the Yanks . . . essential for Yankees fans." — Publishers Weekly


"Across a century the Yankees and New York have helped tell each other's story . . . The Yankees have enacted the aspirations of New York; they have made it here and, by extension, everywhere. Throughout the world the interlocking 'NY' symbolizes not just a team but a culture." — from the introduction

This season, the New York Yankees will celebrate their 100th anniversary as America's hometown team and the sport's true dynasty. In Yankees Century: One Hundred Years of New York Yankees Baseball, esteemed sports historians Glenn Stout and Richard A. Johnson give us the definitive narrative and photographic history of the franchise. Bursting with information culled from newspapers, magazines, interviews, and historical archives, and including sidebars and personal essays by David Halberstam, Molly O'Neill, Ira Berkow, Howard Bryant, Charles Devens, and Ring Lardner, Yankees Century sheds new light on the Yanks' little-covered early years and follows the team through the twentieth century, culminating in their emotional postseason appearance in 2001.

"History," writes Glenn Stout in his Introduction, "is not told through championships alone." The story of the New York Yankees, so often told by focusing on the team's victories, familiar moments such as the Subway Series of the 1950s and Roger Maris's amazing 1961 season, and a handful of key figures including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle, is actually an epic drama rife with struggle, constant change, politics, and passion. Yankees Century is the first book to tackle the larger story of how the Yankees became the most venerated of teams, known and loved the world over, and how it came to symbolize the vast potential and unparalleled energy of the city, and by extension the nation, they call home.

The many glories of the Bronx Bombers are familiar to anyone who follows the game. Yankees Century goes beyond the headlines to tell the Yankees stories you haven't heard, including:

• the team's protracted and painful arrival in Manhattan, which was almost foiled by the bosses at Tammany Hall
• the colorful career of first baseman Hal Chase, the Yankees' first superstar, whose hard-living lifestyle and later involvement in gambling scandals eventually ruined his reputation and kept him out of the Hall of Fame
• the real story behind the legendary purchase of Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox, the near move of the Yankees to Boston, and the construction of Yankee Stadium
• the departure of Lou Gehrig and the emergence of Joe DiMaggio, whose 56-game hitting streak led the team to the 1941 pennant
• the decade-long title droughts of the 1960s and 1980s
• an in-depth look at George Steinbrenner, for nearly 30 years and the team's owner one of the most controversial baseball executives in history
• the first complete look at the amazing comeback of the past six seasons, which, thanks to four World Series wins, were among the most successful in New York history.

Yankees Century also includes a stellar collection of essays, both personal (the recollections of 92-year-old former pitcher Charles Devens, who witnessed Ruth's famous called shot during the 1932 World Series; Molly O'Neill on her brother Paul) and professional (Ring Lardner's hilarious 1927 piece advising the altering of rules for teams playing the Yankees; David Halberstam on George Weiss, who as general manager in the 1950s watched his teams win ten pennants and seven World Series). These give an even fuller picture of a team so storied that as Lou Gehrig once claimed, "Just putting on a Yankee uniform gave you confidence . . . made you better than you actually were."

It's all here, the highlights and low points in the team's epic history, the newly reported behind-the-scenes stories, and an exploration of the ways in which New York has shaped the Yankees and the Yankees have, in turn, shaped the sport of baseball. More than 200 photographs, many never before published, complement the informative and insightful text, completing a package that no self-respecting fan of the Yankees or the sport of baseball should be without.

About the Authors

Glenn Stout, series editor of The Best American Sports Writing, and Richard A. Johnson, curator of the Sports Museum of New England, are also the authors of the acclaimed Red Sox Century: 100 Years of Red Sox Baseball as well as of biographies of Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Ted Williams. Widely recognized baseball historians, they have appeared on NPR, ESPN, HBO, the History Channel, and numerous local radio and television programs.

Praise for Red Sox Century

"From Cy Young to Pedro Martinez, this book has all that anyone would care to know about this accursed yet lovable franchise." — Sports Illustrated

"Red Sox Century belongs right up there with Macbeth, Hamlet, and other dynastic tragedies." — Dick Schaap

"Comprehensive, copiously illustrated, and insightfully written . . . a book that should (like the team itself) both aggravate and delight Beantown fans." — USA Today Baseball Weekly

"A wondrous book that will enthrall baseball fans of all ages and team affiliations . . . No baseball collection will be complete without this extraordinary book." — Booklist

"How could a Red Sox century, one hundred years of Red Sox baseball, be so bad, when Red Sox Century: One Hundred Years of Red Sox Baseball is so good?" — Frank DeFord

"Magnificent . . . this is the book, the genuine article, a vade mecum to get you through waiting for next year." — Katherine Powers, Boston Globe

"Both a history of the team and a tribute to the American game. You can read it straight through or dip into it like well water on a hot day. In either case it richly repays your attention." — Robert B. Parker, best-selling author of Hush Money, Hugger Mugger, and Family Honor

"A beautiful, bountiful book . . . bound to become the definitive work on the Red Sox." — Buffalo News

"In baseball parlance, this four-in-one celebration of the Olde Towne Team's centennial is a grand slam." — Boston Herald

"Stout and Johnson go a long way toward debunking some of the darker myths surrounding a star-crossed franchise. Buy this book now so you'll have something to remember the Sox by during the postseason." — Providence Journal

World Champion Yankee Clubs

38 American League Pennant Winners
26 World Champion Teams
4-2 over the Giants

4-0 over the Pirates

4-0 over the Cardinals

4-0 over the Cubs

4-2 over the Giants

4-1 over the Giants

4-0 over the Cubs

4-0 over the Reds

4-1 over the Dodgers

4-1 over the Cardinals

4-3 over the Dodgers

4-1 over the Dodgers

4-0 over the Phillies

4-2 over the Giants

4-0 over the Dodgers

4-2 over the Dodgers

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4-3 over the Braves

4-1 over the Reds

4-3 over the Giants

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4-2 over the Dodgers

4-2 over the Braves

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4-1 over the Mets

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