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Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip

Take an inside look at the private world of two special sisters.

About the Book

In this exciting new book for young people, tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams give their firsthand account of what it means to be champions on and off the court. The sisters talk about the challenges of being tennis stars, role models, and young women remaining true to their beliefs. Young readers will be thrilled to learn that even superstars like Venus and Serena have had the same struggles with family, school, and friends that they do!

Like the Williams sisters themselves, Venus and Serena: Serving from the Hip is energetic, straight-talking, and smart — a hip and helpful guide for young people on how to stay true to their values as they climb to the top. The book, illustrated with full-color photographs, offers solid advice for gaining an advantage in every game you play.

Here are a few of the ten Sister Rules that can help out along the way.

Rule #1: Beware of Dreamstealers: "I don't just daydream — I build a dream team. And I don't let others steal my vision."

Rule #3: Respect Yourself: "Trophies don't tell whether I'm a winner. I win by doing right by me."

Rule #7: Love the Skin You're In: "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, beauty lives within us all."

Rule #8: All About the Money, Honey: "Bling-bling isn't everything. When it comes to cash, it's better to stash than flash."

The book's introduction, by the sisters' mother, Oracene Price, gives insight into how the Williams sisters were raised to become the responsible young women they are today and talks about the values that guide them. Readers will get an inside look at what really makes Venus and Serena tick, and a firsthand view of their relationship with each other and their supportive and close-knit family. While tennis certainly plays a pivotal role in the sisters' lives, they are well-rounded, thoughtful, funny, and loyal young women — the kind of friends and sisters every young reader wants.

About the Authors

Venus and Serena Williams are world champion tennis players. They live in Palm Beach, Florida.

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