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The Book of Mordred

The famed knight Mordred comes to life in this riveting epic novel, which takes another look at his crucial role in the rise and fall of Camelot.

"Vande Velde's finely crafted diction never falters as the plot builds to its inevitable tragic end." — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

About the Book

Dark forces are taking hold in the kingdom of Camelot. King Arthur struggles to keep his knights in line as they steadily divide themselves into factions; the great Merlin has vanished at the hands of his lover and pupil, Nimue; wizards all over the countryside battle for whatever measures of power they can find. And at the center of the maelstrom stands Keira, an innocent girl who possesses the ability to foretell the fate of her world. When Keira is kidnapped from her village home, her mother, Alayna, flees to Camelot and finds Mordred, an enigmatic knight who will ultimately become Keira's greatest champion, Alayna's greatest love, and King Arthur's greatest enemy.

In the tradition of Arthurian legend, Mordred has been characterized as a buffoon, a false knight, and a bloodthirsty traitor. The Book of Mordred reveals a mysterious man through the eyes of three women who love him.

About the Author

This is Vivian Vande Velde's twenty-fifth book for young readers. She lives in Rochester, New York.

Praise for The Book of Mordred

"[A] richly imagined retelling of traditional lore." — Booklist

"[A]n engrossing read." — The Bulletin

"Fans of traditional Arthurian legend as well as readers unfamiliar with the classic tales should relish this compelling re-imagining of the Arthurian world." — Voya

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