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Ghostly apparitions . . .
Crop circles . . .
Psychic powers . . .
Ancient curses . . .
Can these mysteries be explained?

About the Book

The world is full of weird and wonderful occurrences that defy logic and explanation. Now in this colorful and informative new book, the award-winning author Judy Allen compiles an encyclopedia of life's most engaging curiosities for the middle-grade reader. Just in time for Halloween, Unexplained: An Encyclopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries will delight, inform, and terrify!

Just a sampling of the strange phenomena explored in Unexplained:

Hauntings: What are the Belmez faces? What really happened to the Flying Dutchman?

The Power of the Mind: What is ESP? Déjâ vu? Telepathy?

Superstitions and Symbols: Is the Hope diamond unlucky? Is Tutankhamen's tomb really cursed?

Natural Phenomena: Is spontaneous human combustion real? Can statues weep?

Strange Creatures: Which real animal inspired the tales of the Kraken? Could yetis exist?

Allen, author of the successful Kingfisher Fantasy Encyclopedia, has created an easy-to-read compilation of the most exciting and spine-tingling tales known to man. Offering both historical context and possible scientific explanation for many of the myths explored, Unexplained is an educational and circumspect look at life's most intriguing mysteries.

Readers both young and old will delight in the full-color illustrations and photographs, the scary stories and lore, and the historical origins of these bizarre myths and legends. Covering everything from the Bermuda Triangle to Roswell to why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, Unexplained: An Encyclopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries is the perfect book to pull out for reference on a science project, or on a stormy night just for the undeniable pleasurable of a good scare. Kids are perennially fascinated by the unexplainable, and this wonderful new title will ensure hours of fun and frights.

About the Author

Award-winning author Judy Allen has written more than forty books for children. Her novel Awaiting Developments won the U.K. Whitbread Children's Novel Award and the U.K. Friends of the Earth Award, and was commended for the U.S. Carnegie Medal. Judy also wrote the successful Kingfisher Fantasy Encyclopedia, published in 2005.

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