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The American HeritageŽ Student Science Dictionary


The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary Editors Recommend Core Science Vocabulary

The troubling state of science literacy in the United States might seem like a hopeless cause. But awakening young people's interest in science is only a matter of locating the proper tools. The editors of The American Heritage® Student Science Dictionary are pleased to offer a new resource full of engaging features designed to open the world of science to students in middle school and beyond.

The first step to a better understanding of science is to achieve a command of basic science vocabulary. The editors of this all-new science dictionary have compiled a list of 100 words that can provide students with a solid base on which to build their knowledge of science.

"The list of science words is not meant to be exhaustive," says project editor Vali Tamm, "but is meant to cover a range of scientific topics with which students — and adults too — should be familiar."

Following is the entire list of 100 words toward science literacy:

100 Science Words

100 Words A to F
100 Words G to L
100 Words M to R
100 Words S to Z

Some of the words on this list include cross-references to entries in the dictionary that are not included in the list itself.

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