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The Sea Serpent and Me
illustrated by Catia Chien

About the Book

A little girl finds a sea serpent in her bathtub, no bigger than a drop of water. They have fabulous adventures together, pretending to be Vikings and telling tales about the wonder of the sea. But then the serpent begins to grow. Soon he’s too big for the fish tank, then too big for the tub, then too big for land altogether. But how can such dear friends say goodbye? How will they both overcome their fears about being apart? Dashka Slater has written a simple but incredibly poignant tale of friendship and having the courage to let go.

Accompanied by Catia Chien’s enchanting and evocative art, The Sea Serpent and Me is a book for children, parents, and anyone who’s ever had second thoughts about growing up.

About the Author

Like the sea serpent, Dashka Slater loves swimming in the rain, singing sea chanteys, and staying at the beach until after sunset. She lives in Oakland, California.

About the Illustrator

While painting for The Sea Serpent and Me, the award-winning illustrator Catia Chien drew inspiration from her childhood in Brazil, where she learned to climb trees, daydream, and make friends with neighborhood dogs, parrots, and cats. She lives in Santa Ana, California.

Fun and Games

Want to throw your own sea serpent party? Check out this wonderful how-to kit created by the author and illustrator.

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