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Joe on the Go

About the Book

"Let's go!" says Joe the frog, but all he ever hears is "no." All of the adults at the Frog family reunion are too busy talking, cooking, eating, and taking pictures. Even the other kids say that Joe is too small or too slow to join in their skateboarding or roller-skating games.

After Cousin Trent grabs Joe's bike and rides away, Joe finally gives up and sits down to cry. Then a very special guest appears — someone who has her own set of wheels — and says, "Come on, Joe. Let's go!"

This charming story captures both the unstoppable energy of very young children and the universal dilemma of finding a place to fit in when no one else in the family is your age. With fun rhymes and expressive illustrations, Joe on the Go makes for a perfect read-aloud.

About the Author

Peggy Perry Anderson, a former elementary school art teacher, has written and illustrated several picture books for children featuring the indomitable Joe the frog. She is the mother of three children and lives with her husband in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Of Joe the frog, she says, "Joe started way back when I was a graphic artist. One day I had a piece of green scrap paper and I doodled this little frog on it. He looked so mischievous that I began to think up situations he might get into."

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