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The Ultimate Golf Book
historical text by John Garrity

Now Available in Paperback

About the Book

From the misty links of St. Andrews to the lush greens of Augusta, from Japan's mountainous courses to the rocky sand traps of Ladakh, golf is played and watched by enthusiasts around the world. It's one of today's fastest-growing sports, particularly among young people, thanks to stars like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wei. What is it about the game that attracts so many devoted, even obsessive, players and fans? The Ultimate Golf Book unlocks the secrets behind the sport's amazing, centuries-old popularity and brings readers inside the world of golf. This wonderful collection is now available in paperback from Houghton Mifflin (April 2006).

Editors Charles McGrath and David McCormick have compiled a unique combination of golf history and original writing from some of golf's greatest (and best-selling) writers and enthusiasts. A senior writer for Sports Illustrated, John Garrity has written a delightful history that travels the globe and the links, profiling personalities and events, talking techniques and technology, and divulging why fans are so devoted.

This one-of-a-kind chronicle features more than thirty unforgettable photographs, from the rare and historic to the present day, and original pieces from a stellar list of contributors, including Rick Reilly, Michael Bamberger, John Feinstein, Dan Jenkins, John Updike, Ward Just, Curt Sampson, Mark Singer, Holly Brubach, and many more. The Ultimate Golf Book is the perfect armchair companion for serious or aspiring students of the game, weekend players, and fervent fans.

About the Authors

Charles McGrath is a former editor of the New York Times Book Review and The New Yorker. He contributes frequently to the New York Times Magazine, Golf Digest, and numerous other publications.

David McCormick is a literary agent and former editor at The New Yorker and Texas Monthly.

A Look at Some of the Original Pieces from Contributors to The Ultimate Golf Book

Michael DiLeo on new partners: "How should I act? Would they assume I was a hacker or fear me as an unknown ace? What were my clothes — Banana Republic golf shirt, sneaker-like white Nike Air golf shoes — and my clubs, old PING Eye2 berylliums, a Hawkeye drive — saying about me?"

Rick Reilly on Tiger Woods: "A true golf geek. All golf. All the time. Known in college as Erkel. A dreadful dancer. A-plus student. Don't want grades messing with golf. Had to have his homework done before he could play golf, so he'd do it a day ahead of time. Currently in a torrid affair with his lob wedge."

Charles McGrath on his best teacher: "He started with my chin (not high enough) and worked down through my shoulders (too active) and hips (spinning out), to my feet and knees (too rigid). The only thing he liked was my waggle."

Chang-Rae Lee on coveted early tee times: "There are the salty regulars, mingling with tallboy Buds and smokes — night-shift guys and retirees who've known each other for years, this their only country club, and who group up in the lead cars for the first tee times of the day so they can rip through in three hours and get back home for breakfast and a nap."

Holly Brubach on the sexes: "Playing golf with their wives, as I understood it, was the price men paid for the freedom to play with one another. Furthermore, I got the distinct impression that the game as practiced by the 'ladies' was somehow second-rate. If I wanted to earn my father's respect, I would have to play like a man."

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