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The Lord of the Rings

Praise for The Lord of the Rings

"Among the greatest works of imaginative fiction of the twentieth century."
Sunday Telegraph

"An extraordinary work — pure excitement."
New York Times Book Review

"One of the great fairy-tale quests in modern literature."

"A remarkable book."

"One of the very few works of genius in recent literature."
New Republic

"A work of immense narrative power that can sweep the reader up and hold him enthralled for days and weeks."
The Nation

"The Lord of the Rings is a narrative of rare imagination, filled with wit, compassion, startling power and lyrical beauty."

"The most original and varied creation ever seen in the genre, and certainly the most self-consistent; yet it is tied up with and bridged to reality like no other fantasy . . . Tolkien has made his world a prodigious, and, so far as I can judge, unshakable construct of the imagination."
— Douglass Parker, Hudson Review

"Tolkien’s stories take place against a background of measureless depth . . . That background is ever-present in the creator’s mind and it gives Frodo and company a three-dimensional reality that is seldom found in this kind of writing."
Washington Post Book World

"A masterful story — an epic in its own way—with elements of high adventure, suspense, mystery, poetry and fantasy."
Boston Sunday Herald

"A grim, tragic, brooding and beautiful book, shot through with heroism and hope . . . its power is almost that of mysticism."
Toronto Globe & Mail

"Here are beauties which pierce like swords or burn like cold iron."
— C. S. Lewis

"The first thing one asks of an adventure story is that the adventure should be various and exciting . . . Tolkien’s invention is unflagging."
— W. H. Auden

Praise for The Fellowship of the Ring
(Being the first part of The Lord of the Rings)

"No fiction I have read in the last five years has given me more joy."
— W. H. Auden

"Filled with marvel and strange terrors . . . an extraordinary and distinguished piece of work."
New York Herald Tribune

"A unique, wholly realized other world, evoked from deep in the well of Time, massively detailed, absorbingly entertaining, profound in meaning."
New York Times

Praise for The Two Towers
(Being the second part of The Lord of the Rings)

"An extraordinary work — pure excitement, unencumbered narrative, moral warmth, bare-faced rejoicing in beauty, but excitement most of all."
New York Times Book Review

"One of the best wonder tales ever written."
Boston Herald

"Here is a wonderful story, set in a world which paralyzes the imagination, and told in magnificent prose. What more can an author give?"
Chicago Tribune

"[Tolkien’s] imagination can create regions that really are ghastly or really heavenly. He can create creatures that are incredibly credible. His is a never never land that seems real while you are in it."
Boston Globe

"The author writes with wit, humor, imagination and a profound understanding of human nature—or just nature. . . The Two Towers is written by a person with a deep perception of the world of living things—what is, might be, or might have been."
Hartford Times

Praise for The Return of the King
(Being the third part of The Lord of the Rings)

"There are very few works of genius in recent literature. This is one."
The Nation

"A triumphant close. . . a grand piece of work, grand both in conception and execution. An astonishing imaginative tour de force."
Daily Telegraph

"In the highest and most complimentary sense, this is escapist fiction at its finest, yet at the same time it has profound relevance to our troubled age."
Arthur C. Clarke

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