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Great Discoveries and Amazing Adventures
foreword by Robert Ballard

"TITANIC" EXPLORER ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO PONDER AMAZING FINDS, LOST CITIES, AND SUNKEN TREASURES: Famous Oceanographer Leads Readers Into the Visual Account of Thrilling Exploration and Discovery of the World's Most Astonishing Treasures

About the Book

(October 2004) When Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the remains of the legendary Titanic, his highly publicized and widely anticipated exploration of the luxury cruise liner touched upon the curiosity of millions of people. What would he find? Was there anything left of the jewels, artwork, and other treasures rumored to be on board? What could be learned about that fateful night? Great Discoveries & Amazing Adventures: The Stories of Hidden Marvels and Lost Treasures is introduced by a foreword from Dr. Ballard, who celebrates that curiosity and challenges readers to feed their quest for exploration.

It's difficult to comprehend that only 200 years ago the world didn't know about dinosaurs. One can only imagine how the Wild West would have been won if the accidental discovery of gold had not happened in the mid-1800's. And 100 years ago, the splendor of King Tut's tomb was yet to be unearthed. Great Discoveries and Amazing Adventures unveils the mysteries and explores the deeper stories behind some of the world's most astonishing finds, including the tale of the Titanic. The book is divided by categories: Nature's Marvel's, Earth's Riches, Lost Wonders, and Hoaxes and Frauds. Archaeologists, explorers, naturalists, and even ordinary people have all made discoveries that have caused the world to marvel and have advanced our knowledge in an important way. Great Discoveries and Amazing Adventures tells these stories and examines the influences they had on the course of history.

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About the Author

Claire Llewellyn is one of Great Britain's most well-known nonfiction authors for children. She has written more than 100 books on a wide range of topics including sharks, mummies, the Bible, electricity, weather, chocolate, volcanoes, and the moon. Llewellyn has won the Times Education Supplement Award in the United Kingdom and has been nominated for many other awards. She is the author of several Kingfisher books, including, Saints and Angels, The Best Book of Bugs, and The Best Book of Sharks.

Before becoming a writer, Llewellyn worked in a printmaking studio and in the education department of the V&A Museum in London, England. She has two children and lives in Hertford, England.

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