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Bats at the Beach

A Book Sense Pick for Summer 2006!

About the Book

Launching out into the breeze,
we sail above the darkened trees,
flying fast, to wet our feet
where land and foamy ocean meet.

With an ear for fanciful verse and an eye for humorously detailed illustrations, author/illustrator Brian Lies invites you to a nocturnal beachside romp with some fuzzy, fun-loving bats. Winsome winged wonders swoop down to the sandy shore with pails, canvas beach bags, and banjos. Children will delight as bats surf the waves, play volleyball, sing around the fire, and make friends with seagulls. Adults will appreciate Lies’s signature touches of fun from the bottle of “Bain de Lune” lotion to the bag of “’skeeter krisps,” all captured in panoramic format with his rich palette and fine, expressive lines.

The moony weather is perfect, the beach blankets are down, the umbrellas are up, the picnic baskets are unpacked, and the fire is ready for roasting tasty bug-mallows! Most definitely not the stuff of nightmares, Bats at the Beach is the perfect book to capture bedtime imaginations. Young and old alike will want to visit this whimsical take on a day at the shore again and again.

About the Author

Brian Lies was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey. He attended Brown University, studying psychology and literature. After graduating, Brian decided to pursue his childhood interest in art. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before beginning a career in political illustration. Brian has written and illustrated numerous books for children, and his award-winning work appears regularly in children’s magazines and galleries around the country. He currently lives on the south shore of Massachusetts with his wife and daughter. For more information, visit www.brianlies.com.

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