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The Red Book
written and illustrated by Barbara Lehman

2005 Caldecott Honor Book

About the Book

This book is about a book. A magical, wordless book that takes those lucky enough to find it on a trip they'll never forget. When you turn the pages, you'll experience a new kind of adventure, too.

In illustrations of rare detail and surprise, The Red Book crosses oceans and continents, from snowy city streets to sun-baked sandy shores and back again, to deliver one girl into a new world of possibility, where a friend she's yet to meet is waiting. Follow this young girl's lead into The Red Book and embark on a journey of your own.

This innovative wordless picture book is perfect for those who can't yet read or are new to English. Opening with a visual mystery, the story also resonates with the universal desire for travel and adventure and the wonder of just who may await us in faraway lands. Readers will delight in the "aha" moment of understanding and return to this clever, eye-catching story again and again. Because, as with the best of books, at its conclusion, the journey is not over.

About the Author

Barbara Lehman has illustrated many books for children, including Moonfall (1993), for which she won a Parents Choice Award for illustration. Born in Chicago, Barbara attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she earned a BFA in communication design. A full-time illustrator, Barbara says that "books and art have always held the strongest attraction for me. I have always felt drawn to 'commercial art' because of its ability to reach many people. I like the idea of being part of the media in a meaningful and thoughtful way, especially with children as the audience."

The Red Book is Barbara's first book for Houghton Mifflin. While living in New York City, she was looking at the skyline from inside a skyscraper one day, thinking how she'd like to create a story incorporating unique perspectives and fanciful adventures in faraway places. This idea, paired with her longtime fascination with maps, became the wordless journey of The Red Book. Barbara Lehman now lives in Claverack, New York.

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