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Knitting Nell

About the Book

Nell loves to knit. She loves to share, too. And like a cozy sweater, Knitting Nell warms the lives of those around her with gifts of scarves, socks, and hats. Nell's clicking needles keep her so busy there isn't much time for talking. But when the annual fair gives Nell a moment in the spotlight, her life begins to change.

Knitting seems to be everywhere these days. Just look around the doctor's waiting room or the subway car — it's hard to put down those knitting needles once you start! Colorful, inviting vignettes and a charming young Nell will make children want to join in on the fun of creating something they can wear themselves or give away for someone else to love.

Tying in with the publication of her book, Julie Jersild Roth will launch the philanthropic endeavor, GOOD Scarf. Through the project's Web site, Nell's friends can knit together, adding pieces to a virtual scarf in recognition and honor of good deeds done. For more information, please visit www.goodscarfproject.org.

About the Author

Julie Jersild Roth is a full-time writer, illustrator, and artist, as well as a knitter. She was inspired to writing Knitting Nell by the women in her neighborhood book club who, unlike herself, found the time to knit and finish the assigned books on time. Julie lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband and two children. This is her first book.

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