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Everything in twelve-year-old Maritís normal life changes when her native country becomes occupied by Nazi Germany, putting them at war for the first time in more than one hundred years. The story begins with a literal bang as Marit is awakened from her peaceful dreaming to the sound of the Nazi invasion outside her window.

Concerned about their childrenís safety, Maritís parents send Marit and her younger brother, Lars, to their grandfatherís island home in order to keep them safe. Inspired by her parentsí willingness to stand up for freedom and justice, Marit clashes with her cautious and pacifistic grandfather, who warns her against taking part in the resistance. But Marit soon learns that morality is not as clear-cut as she thought, especially in wartime.

Mary Casanova transports the reader to a compelling and vivid world in her well-researched and historically based story, bringing to life a little-known part of World War II history. The Klipfish Code chronicles a girlís daring and courageous tale of morality and heroism in a time of war as she is separated from her loved ones. Casanova shows the risks and actions taken by the Norwegian people to oppose their forceful occupation and defend their freedom.

About the Author

Mary Casanova is the author of nine novels and three picture books. Often the keynote speaker at state reading and library associations, Mary Casanova has also presented at hundreds of schools across the country. To research this novel, she visited resistance museums in Norway, researched the island (and cities) where The Klipfish Code takes place, and corresponded with and interviewed Norwegians who lived through the Nazi occupation. She lives in Ranier, Minnesota. To learn more visit www.marycasanova.com.

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