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(October 2004) Kingfisher, the world-renowned publisher of superior quality nonfiction books for children, proudly announces the newest additions to their award-winning science series Kingfisher Knowledge (October 2004, ages 9–14, $11.95). Microscopic Life, Spies, and Endangered Planet entice readers to explore captivating topics that affect their world with compelling text, dynamic photographic images, detailed illustrations, and fascinating trivia.

With photos of microorganisms magnified up to 520,000 times their actual size, readers are virtually guaranteed to blurt out exclamations such as "Gross!" "Cool!" and "Disgusting!" Microscopic Life explores the tiny worlds that exist around us and even within us. Children learn about wild misconceptions of the cycle of life that have since been debunked through the invention and evolution of microscopes, and discover the good, the bad, and the ugly of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including how some help fight diseases while others cause deadly epidemics.

When is a bug more than just an insect and which insect can be used as a bug? Spies explores the undercover world of espionage, part of the intelligence-gathering operations of nations and global organizations. Across the world, thousands of years of spying during times of war, peace, and industrial development have resulted in deciphering secret codes, perfecting the art of disguise, and designing secret weapons. Spies reveals the true-life reality behind the fictional career path of James Bond!

In 2000, the earth's human population topped six billion people and is expected to reach eleven billion by the year 2100! How can the planet possibly continue to sustain the human species while preserving the animals and plants that share it with us? Endangered Planet is a timely examination of the state of the earth's ecosystems. Unlike thousands of years ago, humans now influence every natural habitat on the planet, and the consequences can be devastating. With straightforward text and sobering statistics, Endangered Planet reveals the dozens of species wiped out each year, coasts and oceans fouled with oil spills, and the grasslands and forests destroyed to feed the appetite of modern agriculture. Readers will be challenged to actively take a role in the survival of the earth through efforts to recycle, protect wildlife, and reuse energy.

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