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Double Twist

Because sports books aren't just for boys anymore . . .

A fun and inspiring new novel perfect for young female athletes, about courage, perseverance, and making your dreams come true!

About the Book

Twelve-year-old Laura Lee knows exactly what she wants . . . and how hard she needs to work to get it. She and her ice-dancing partner, Patrick, have been training together since they were eight, working tirelessly for a chance at a championship. With her sights set on a medal at the Montreal Junior Grand Prix, Laura is working harder than ever . . . then the unimaginable happens. A training accident leaves Patrick unable to skate, and Laura's hopes for gold dashed — unless she can find a new partner, and fast!

Determined to make her dream happen, Laura decides her only chance is to persuade the cool new boy at the rink to be her partner. Can they prepare in time? Can Laura make her dream come true?

In Double Twist, Donna King writes an inspiring story about the importance of believing in yourself, even when things get tough. Today's young female athletes need literary heroines they can relate to; spunky, determined Laura Lee will jump off the page and into the reader's heart.

About the Author

Donna King is the alter ego of Jenny Oldfield, a best-selling author of children's series fiction, including the Horses of Half-Moon Ranch series. More than one million copies of her books have been sold around the world. And look for Kickoff, the latest Donna King book coming in Spring 2007!

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