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Game, Set, and Match

A truly inspiring new novel perfect for young female athletes, about dealing with pressure and standing up for what you want . . .

About the Book

Carrie Springsteen has been playing tennis since she was old enough to hold a racket. Her proud but overbearing father has groomed his daughter to be the next big champion. But with each passing day, Carrie grows less sure of her family's tennis dream. Too many missed parties with friends, too little sleep, and too much pressure are starting to make her forget her love of the game.

While at an elite tennis school in Florida, Carrie begins questioning her life and wondering if a career in tennis is really what she wants. She's facing some nasty opponents, both on and off the court, and learning about more than just tennis from the best coaches in the world. Will Carrie rediscover her love of the game? Or will she give up on the only dream she's ever had?

In Game, Set, and Match, Donna King takes on the tough issue of parental pressure as well as the importance of standing up for what you believe in. Today's young female athletes need literary heroines they can relate to; talented and courageous Carrie Springsteen will jump off the page and into the reader's heart.

About the Author

Donna King is the alter ego of Jenny Oldfield, a best-selling author of children's series fiction, including the Horses of Half-Moon Ranch series. More than one million copies of her books have been sold around the world. And look for Kickoff, the latest Donna King book coming in Spring 2007!

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