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The Pirates of Turtle Rock

About the Book

These are not your parents’ pirates.

In Richard W. Jennings’s latest adventure, the titular seafaring criminals are anything but typical. A seventeen-year-old captain with a hopeless crush? A teenager longing to escape the tedium of her average life? Get ready to be swept away by adventure and mayhem in The Pirates of Turtle Rock. With nary an adventure in sight, sixteen-year-old Jenny Snow whiles away her time listening to her iPod and gazing out at the ocean from her perch on Turtle Rock. So engrossed in her boredom is she that she fails to notice the amorous advances of Coop DeVille, seventh-generation pirate and captain of his crew of odd characters. Little does Jenny know that once she takes up with this band of pirates, adventures are something she’ll have in spades! The Pirates of Turtle Rock is a rollicking tale of piracy, peril, lost treasure, and newfound love—as only Richard Jennings could imagine it.

About the Author

Richard W. Jennings has published more than fifty essays, articles, and short stories in addition to his books for young readers. He is the cofounder of a popular Kansas City–area bookstore and former editor of Kansas City Magazine. He has five children, four grandchildren, a dog, a cat, and a parrot, and he lives in Kansas.

Praise for Richard W. Jennings

Called the “Master of Middle-American Whimsy” by Kirkus Reviews, Jennings is quickly becoming a force in the young adult world. The Horn Book explains, “He writes about children who are witty, intelligent, articulate, and likeable,” and adds, “His novels are laced with droll tongue-in-cheek observations, philosophical musings, and slight hints of absurdity.”

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