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Salem Witch

Is Salem afflicted by witchcraft?

In this exciting new installment of the popular My Side of the Story series, young readers get two different perspectives on one of America's darkest hours . . .

About the Book

The dreadful happenings of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, are notorious in American history. Mass hysteria took this small town captive as fear of witchcraft swept the land. Neighbors accused one another, people lost their lives, and a community was nearly destroyed.

Kingfisher Books now presents Salem Witch by Patricia Hermes as the latest installment in their My Side of the Story series, books that illustrate two different perspectives for the young reader. In Salem Witch, Elizabeth and George are best friends whose differing viewpoints on the cause behind the chaos in their town threaten to divide them. Both relates the awful events of the Salem witch trials as they see them, bringing to life the historical happenings as they might have been seen by two young people at that time.

Elizabeth is an independent thinker, frightened by what she sees as a mass deception sweeping her once peaceful town. Like her father, Elizabeth possesses great courage and isn't afraid to stand up to the accusers and question their motives. She believes the accusations of witchcraft to be nothing more than a plea for attention or a method of revenge.

George, the son of one of the trial judges, sees things very differently. He wonders if the Devil himself has come to Salem and bewitched the young girls who are now naming their tormentors as witches.

As their different viewpoints begin to divide them, the hysteria and fear in Salem reach a fever pitch. Who is right? Can their friendship survive this strange ordeal?

My Side of the Story: Salem Witch is a complex and enthralling look at one of the most fascinating moments in American history. Salem Witch informs young readers both as a work of historical fiction and as a valuable illustration of point of view and perspective in literature. The subject matter of Salem Witch is as relevant as ever for teens at the present time; in today's world, kids need to know how to question hysteria and resist peer pressure. The subjects of witchcraft and social madness continue to haunt and captivate young readers, and My Side of the Story: Salem Witch will have them glued to the pages.

Two Sides of the Story . . .

"I don't believe it at all, and I agree with Papa and Mama that it is nonsense. I know those girls, and I've known them to be mean and wicked long before they began talking about witches." — Elizabeth
"I now knew that my task was to help Papa in every way I could to bring the witches to trial. And to see them hanged if such was God's will." — George

About the Author

Patricia Hermes is a versatile and prolific award-winning writer who writes for nearly every age group. She has received many awards and nominations for her work. Hermes is also the author of My Side of the Story: The Brothers' War. She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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