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A Field Guide to Hawks of North America, Second Edition


Hawks are arguably the most majestic of birds. They are also among the most easily recognizable. Many people have been introduced to the joys of birding by watching these intriguing creatures. The best-selling Peterson Field Guide: Hawks of North America is the ultimate identification guide to these remarkable birds. Houghton Mifflin is pleased to offer a second edition, now in full color, that is as impressive as the birds it describes. I am pleased to share with you sample pages from our completely revised guide to hawks.

Like the first edition, the new Peterson Field Guide: Hawks of North America covers all thirty-nine diurnal raptors of North America, including eagles, vultures, kites, falcons, the harrier, and the osprey, as well as the hawks proper (buteos and accipiters). This second edition has been completely revised and updated. New color photographs throughout the book supplement forty beautifully painted new color plates showing key identifying field marks. The text, which also describes vagrant species, uses the current taxonomic nomenclature. The guide includes up-to-date color maps showing ranges for each season.

William Clark, photographer, author, and lecturer, is the former director of the Raptor Information Center of the National Wildlife Federation and founder of Raptours, a wildlife tour company. Brian Wheeler is a noted wildlife artist, writer, and photographer specializing in hawks. His bird illustrations have been published widely in books and magazines and in prints.

About the Authors

William S. Clark
Photographer, author, and lecturer Bill Clark has over thirty years of experience working with birds of prey, including five years as director of the National Wildlife Federation's Raptor Information Center. He has published numerous articles about raptors; has traveled worldwide studying, observing, and photographing these birds; and has led birding tours and workshops, both at home and abroad, in recent years with his company, Raptours. He regularly teaches courses on raptor field identification and biology and frequently lectures on birds of prey and related subjects.

Bill has written a raptor field guide for Europe, and is writing another for Africa, as well as a companion photographic guide. Bill has also written the raptor section for a field guide to the birds of India that is being prepared for publication.

For the last thirty years, Bill has coordinated the Cape May Raptor Banding Project in New Jersey. His goal is to see and photograph all of the world's diurnal raptors.

Brian K. Wheeler
Brian Wheeler is a noted wildlife artist, writer, and photographer specializing in hawks.

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