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The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams
"[A] tomahawk dunk of a first book . . . moves with the drive and poetry of a well-executed fast break." — People

"An achingly good book." — Newsweek

"Soars toward the basket . . . a brilliant portrait of what has gone wrong in our cities, and by extension, in our country." — Chicago Tribune

"A classic. I wish I'd written it." — David Halberstam

About the Book

Stephon Marbury's blockbuster trade to the New York Knicks this season set off a firestorm of media for the mercurial and wildly talented player. Will this young man, a product of the Coney Island projects, lead the team to their first championship in years? Clues to Marbury's character and potential can be found in The Last Shot, Darcy Frey's critically acclaimed portrait of Marbury and his teammates during their playing days at Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island. The Last Shot is now available in a special Mariner paperback edition, with a new, up-to-date afterword by the author.

First published by Houghton Mifflin in 1994, The Last Shot has become a classic praised for its honest, startling, and unforgettable portrayal of four young men battling poverty, family problems, and the lure of crime and drugs for a chance at the NCAA and an escape from inner-city life.

The Last Shot gives readers an unforgettable and deeply intimate portrait of Marbury as a superstar in the making:

• The searing deprivation of his upbringing in the Coney Island projects
• His prodigious ability with a basketball even at the age of 14
• The pressures he faced both on the court and in the classroom
• The peculiar demands that were placed on him as his three older brothers tried — and failed — to make it to the pros.

Remarkably prescient, The Last Shot is a controversial and poignant exposé of big-time New York City basketball, whose insights have never been as relevant as they are today, and an in-depth look at the boy who became one of the most talked about stars of the NBA.

About the Author

Darcy Frey is a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine. His journalism has received numerous awards, including a National Magazine Award and the Livingston Award. The Last Shot was his first book; he is currently at work on a new book about the environment.

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