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Bodies From the Ash

Take a journey back in time and see the discovery of one of history's most astonishing events in this riveting new book.

About the Book

On the morning of August 24, AD 79, the citizens of Pompeii, one of the largest cities in the Roman empire, arose unaware that the next twenty-four hours would mark their place in history. In the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, twenty thousand people would experience one of the earliest recorded natural disasters in history. It was not until hundreds of years later that Pompeii saw daylight again, as archaeological excavations began to unearth what had been buried under layers of volcanic rubble. Digging crews expected to find buildings, jewelry, and other treasures, but they found something unexpected, too: the imprints of lost Pompeiians, their lives and deaths captured, frozen in volcanic ash. Bodies from the Ash: Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii tells their story and the story of their discovery. From the House of Cryptoporticus, where ten people sought refuge before fleeing the city, holding tiles over their heads in a futile attempt to protect themselves from the deadly fallout of Vesuvius, to the House of Orpheus, where a guard dog was left to stand watch, chained to its post and buried under the burning ash, Bodies from the Ash is a fascinating and moving account of the last day of a great city and its culture.

About the Author

The story of Pompeii, its citizens, and their fate has been a lifelong interest of author James M. Deem. Over a period of two years, Deem made several trips to the ruins and was granted unparalleled access to the photo archive there as well as the houses sealed from the public. A former college professor, Deem is the author of numerous books for young readers, including the award-winning Bodies from the Bog. He lives outside Phoenix, Arizona, with his family.

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