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Flight of the Fire Thief

New from the internationally best-selling author Terry Deary comes the second installment of the critically praised Fire Thief trilogy!

About the Book

Greece — Around 4,000 Years Ago . . .

I wasn't there myself, but I met someone who knows exactly what went on in those days. You will have to trust me when I tell you that every word of this story is true . . . probably. All right, a LOT of it is true. Other parts I may have made up to fill in the gaps so that it all makes sense. Yes, you'll see that I tell a lot of lies. But liars are the only people you CAN trust in this world.

In his first installment of the wild and wonderful Fire Thief trilogy, the internationally best-selling author Terry Deary reinvented the myth of Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods and gave it to the human race. In doing so, poor Prometheus, known as Theus to his friends, incurred the wrath of the incredibly powerful Zeus and Hera, but so far he has escaped his horrible fate.

Now Deary picks up this thrilling story in Book II, Flight of the Fire Thief. To escape the gods' revenge, Prometheus has traveled through time to a murky metropolis called Eden City. There he befriends a motley assortment of comic characters and learns what humans have done with his gift of fire. Enter our narrator, the resourceful and plucky twelve-year-old Nell. She and her crafty Pa travel the city with their stage show, getting audiences to open their pockets and purses. With the help of Nell, Deary masterfully interweaves two plots, and the action races at a whirlwind pace from a ramshackle Eden City of 1795 to Mount Olympus. Meet Zeus, Hera, Achilles, and Paris — but as you've never seen them before . . .

Young readers will love Deary's comical and cinematic writing and the spirited wit of Nell, our guide on this wild ride through space and time. Both the mythology of ancient Greece and the rough-and-tumble beginnings of eighteenth-century America are reflected in this thoroughly enjoyable and smart new follow-up to the much-lauded Fire Thief.

About the Author

Terry Deary has written more than 120 books and is most famous for his Horrible Histories series, which has sold five million copies worldwide. His numerous accolades include the Blue Peter Best Nonfiction Author of the Century Award in the United Kingdom. Visit his Web site at www.terry-deary.net.

About the Series

The Fire Thief Trilogy

The Fire Thief Book I:
The Fire Thief
Flight of the Fire Thief Book II:
Flight of the Fire Thief

Coming in June 2007 . . .
Book III: The Fire Thief Fights Back

Readers are in for an unexpected and memorable climax in this final installment . . .

Praise for Fire Thief

"Full of wry and wisecracking characters, this playful rendition of Greek mythology is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett's work and is liable to appeal to the same audiences who are drawn to his books." — VOYA, October 2005

"Creating awareness of civil rights, children's rights, environmental concerns, and human dignity while weaving characters and situations together, the book is an entertaining, humorous, and enlightening read." — Library Media Connection, January 2006

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