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Classified Series Breakout! Alien Landing Vanished! The Nuclear Winter Man


Classified blends historical fact with choose-your-own-adventure, providing insight into the most intriguing mysteries of modern history.

About the Series

(October 2004) Mysterious events. Bizarre experiments. Spy activity. Alien sightings. Where can a young reader get all this and more? Kingfisher's paperback series Classified: You Can't Hide the Truth Forever (October; $4.95; ages 9-14) combines fast-paced, can't-put-down stories with fact-filled case files. Each book starts with a spine-tingling story — then adds biographies, witness statements, reports, debriefings, and fact files.

Classified documents allow readers to make up their own minds about intriguing unsolved mysteries. Are these rumors a bunch of tall tales or are they "truly-weird-however-still-true" accounts? Perfect for fans of TV's popular forensic investigation series, for sci-fi readers and mystery buffs, Classified also engages reluctant readers, develops critical thinking skills, and encourages young readers to do further research.

    Alien Landing — Examines the high-profile incident in New Mexico in 1947 that some interpret as the crash of an unidentified flying object.

    Breakout! — Listen in as Mike, a young man who has been imprisoned for stealing spy satellite secrets and selling them to the Russians, tells his side of the story to his cellmate.

    The Nuclear Winter Man — Investigates whether various government spy agencies were responsible for the disappearance of renowned Russian scientist Vladimir Alexandrov, whose Nuclear Winter theory described the disastrous environmental consequences of a nuclear war.

    Vanished! — Investigates the possibility that the United States Navy during World War II conducted the Philadelphia Experiment, an experiment that rendered the battleship USS Eldridge invisible.

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