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The Complete Adventures of Curious George

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Still Curious After All These Years

"For me, before there was Captain Kangaroo and before there was Miss Margaret's 'Magic Mirror' (that seemed to see everyone at home except me—but I'm not bitter), there was the fabulous curious monkey and the man in the big yellow hat. They took me places and allowed me to have adventures with them. I will always be indebted to Curious George."
—Whoopi Goldberg, Actress and Comedienne

"Best wishes for a happy birthday and many, many more to come."
—George H. W. Bush, Former president of the United States

"Curious George is an ageless phenomenon and a cherished part of family libraries in homes in every part of the country. George reflects the energy, innocence, and enthusiasm of the nation's youth at their best. He appeals to the inner child in each of us, and I always look forward to reading about him with my own grandchildren today.

I adopted the famous phrase 'Where is George?' and used it in my address to the Democratic National Convention in 1988 to ask 'where is George' Bush during the years when he was vice president and so many controversial policies were adopted by the administration of President Ronald Reagan. But Vice President Bush had the last laugh—he was elected president in November 1988, and a friend sent me a photograph of a local billboard making the point.

Congratulations on turning sixty to an enduring American Hero—Curious George!"
—Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts senator

"In my youth I remember watching Curious George on Captain Kangaroo. I always wished I had my very own mischievous monkey. I really liked George because he always got in trouble, and I thought the man in the yellow hat was pretty cool too. In fact, I have become a mischievous, hat-wearing adult . . . an attribute I credit directly to Curious George."
—William Joyce, Author and Illustrator

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