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Journeys for Freedom
Kids Make History

About the Books

Walk in the footsteps of the men and women who both forged American history and pursued their rights to freedom in these two dynamic new titles from Susan Buckley and Elspeth Leacock. Journeys for Freedom: A New Look at America's Story and Kids Make History: A New Look at America's Story will transport the young reader to the moments in our nation's history that helped define who we are as a people and what we strive for as a country.

Journeys for Freedom is a dynamic and factual account of real people pursuing freedom — and creating America's story. Follow the rocky path forged by Roger Williams as he struggled to convince his fellow pioneers of the wrong in seizing Native American land. Fight alongside daring Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man for the privilege of defending her nation in the Continental army. Take a treacherous journey with Peter Mulual, who fled his war-torn homeland of Sudan for the promise of safety and hope in America. Filled with fascinating facts and striking full-color illustrations by Rodica Prato, Journeys for Freedom allows the reader to literally chart the progress of the brave souls who risked everything for the dream of freedom.

Kids Make History highlights the undeniably important role that children have played in shaping the United States. Twenty true stories of children making history are featured in this exciting and colorful new book, which has been meticulously researched by the authors and beautifully illustrated by Randy Jones. Patty Reed will show you how she survived starvation with the Donner Party. Laura Ingalls will give you a tour of the cabins of her beloved stories (she actually lived in them). Joan Zuber will take you back to that tragic day at Pearl Harbor. Jukay Hsu was there on the fateful morning in September when the towers fell.

Young readers will be enthralled by the true-life accounts of history in these informative and exciting new books. Buckley and Leacock have spared no detail in bringing America's story to life for the audience. Perfect for both the home and the history class, these books will challenge and delight readers with the real stories of our nation's past. With Journeys for Freedom: A New Look at America's Story and Kids Make History: A New Look at America's Story, history is brought to life by the narrators, the engaging illustrations, and the passion of the authors to share America's remarkable story with the next generation of history-makers.

About the Authors

Susan Washburn Buckley grew up in Louisiana in a family of storytellers. From the ancestor who fell off the Mayflower to her great-great-great-uncle's Civil War journey to her grandfather's adventures in the "Wild West," her family stories made history come alive for her in ways that inspired her to share the stories of history with children today.

Ms. Buckley is a consultant in editorial and curriculum development with a specialty in K–12 social studies. As a project director with major school publishers including Holt, Prentice-Hall, and Scholastic, she was responsible for the development of social studies programs at all levels. As a curriculum developer, she has created programs for clients including National Geographic Society, Oxford University Press, Scholastic, and others. She was the general editor of Houghton Mifflin's basal elementary social studies series We the People and a senior program consultant for the Galef Institute's Different Ways of Knowing program. She is the editor of AppleSeeds (a Cobblestone magazine for children) and author of a number of professional resource books for teachers in the fields of American history and geography.

With Elspeth Leacock she has coauthored four children's trade books in American history: Journeys in Time and Places in Time were published by Houghton Mifflin Children's Books in 2001. Houghton Mifflin is proud to present the next two installments to this series, Journeys for Freedom and Kids Make History, this fall. Presently, she is developing a new series, American Stories: Exploring History Through Reading.

Born in New York City, Elspeth Leacock experienced the power of journeys and places when she traveled to cold, windswept northern Canada at the age of five. There her playmates were Naskapi Indians, her toys a small bow and arrow, and her home a simple tent. That journey revealed the power of places and journeys, and led her to major in American history at the University of Wisconsin. She went on to work as an educator and writer in educational publishing, developing an innovative series of textbooks for inner-city children and writing several books and articles for children's magazines.

Rodica Prato is an illustrator who lives and works in New York. She illustrates for books and magazines on a wide range of subjects.

Randy Jones has created award-winning illustrations for books for children and adults. Since moving to New York, his work has appeared in major publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

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