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Quest for the Tree Kangaroo
photographs by Nic Bishop

The Sibert Honor–winning team brings us the fascinating story of one of the most elusive animals in the world, which lives in one of the most magical places on earth — the tree kangaroo of the Papua New Guinea cloud forest.

About the Book

The tree kangaroo is one of the rarest, strangest, and least understood creatures on the planet. Making its home in only one place in the world — the cloud forest of the Huon Peninsula on the northeast coast of Papua New Guinea — the tree kangaroo and its home are being threatened as the cloud forest continues to be cut and destroyed.

When scientist Lisa Dabek first encountered the tree kangaroo at the Woodland Park Zoo of Seattle, Washington, she was captivated. "They were like monkeys up in trees — but they weren't monkeys," she recalls. "They looked a little like bears — but they weren't bears. And then they had a pouch for their babies — a totally different thing from most other mammals." Her fascination continues even some twenty years after this first meeting with the cuddly creature, and her drive to understand and protect the animal has become impermeable.

Accompanied by a team of native people, Lisa, her fellow researchers, and the award-winning duo of writer Sy Montgomery and photographer Nic Bishop have trekked deep into the heart of the cloud forest on a mission to learn more about the animal. Quest for the Tree Kangaroo offers a you-were-there recounting of the group's expedition into the wild, set against the backdrop of the visually stunning Papua New Guinea landscape.

About the Authors

Sy Montgomery is an author, naturalist, newspaper columnist, documentary scriptwriter, and radio commentator who writes books for children as well as adults. Her many titles include The Snake Scientist, The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans, The Tarantula Scientist, and, most recently, Search for the Golden Moon Bear. She lives in Hancock, New Hampshire.

Nic Bishop, who holds a doctorate in the biological sciences, is the photographer of many acclaimed books for children. Nic was home-schooled in the highlands of Papua New Guinea when he was a teenager and often hiked into the mountains in search of adventure. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

About the Series

The Scientists in the Field series shows people immersed in the unpredictable and dynamic natural world, making science more accessible, relevant, and exciting to young readers. Far from the research laboratory, these are firsthand adventures in the great outdoors — adventures with a purpose. From climbing into a snake den with thousands of slithering snakes to tracking wolves, swimming with hammerhead sharks, and collecting bugs, readers experience the thrill of discovering the unknown.

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