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Captian Arsenio

"Kids will laugh (hard) at Arsenio, and perhaps they'll also be moved to invent something better of their own." — The Bulletin

About the Book

Leonardo da Vinci has nothing on Captain Arsenio, who tries and tries again to build the perfect flying machine.

Captain Arsenio was a curious man who liked, more than anything, to tinker and explore. One day in 1782 he decided that he would put his unusual skills to work in a most ambitious way: he would build a flying machine.

Despite a hodgepodge of materials (and a total unawareness of the laws of physics), Captain Arsenio aimed to get his feet off the ground and his head into the clouds — temporarily, at least. But would any of his crazy inventions ever achieve flight?

In this hilarious fictional account, Pablo Bernasconi imagines a legend in the making — a retired cheese maker and scuba diver turned inventor who sets off to fly with the birds in spite of himself.

About the Author

Pablo Bernasconi is an award-winning graphics designer who graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Pablo was only sixteen when he got his pilot's license, and he's been flying ever since! It's his love for strange machines, airplanes, and derring-do that helped him imagine someone as eccentric and brave as Captain Arsenio. Pablo lives in Patagonia, Argentina.

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